Friday, January 27, 2012

little things, big smiles

Do you know why I like Fridays?  Besides the obvious anticipation of looking forward to the weekend and two glorious days of (mostly) obligation-free activities with the hubby and baby, Fridays are my day to try and wrap my week up.  And this week, that is easy because it has been a chaotic but fantastic week.   Thanks to Lindsay, you all get to share it with me too.  =)

Aisle to Aloha

1) Productivity
This week was remarkably productive (something I hope to be able to maintain momentum on!).  I did laundry, cooked meals (with enough to freeze for the future), designed wedding invitations, blogged, and will work on making jewelry today! least that's the plan.  =P
(yes, yes, I do play with my beads before I turn them into something.  the color is soooo much fun,  I can't help it!)

2) Beautiful weather
It was beautiful this week in SoCal.  The skies were blue, blue, blue.  Breezes kept things fresh and crisp. And all the windows and doors in my house were open for as long as was possible.  
this was right outside my bedroom window the other was glorious.

3) The Rooter Man
This week our laundry sink stopped up putting a halt on my laundering for two days.  So this makes me smile because it went from this: 
(bad, very bad)
to this:
(wonderful, clear, draining pipes)
A little weird?  Yeah...but it was a big little thing to me this week!  There is a back log of hubby's work clothes and baby things that need catching up on!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wedding frenzy part 1

So I have, once again, been sadly silent on this blog.  I sincerely apologize to all my dear readers; life has been unforgiving recently.  For example, I was supposed to have this great blog post up and finished last night but this is what we ended up doing instead: trying to be our own rooter service.  Suffice to say, it didn't work.  =P
God bless my husband, it was not for lack of trying that this did not work for him.  now we wait for a real rooter guy... 
But back to the matter at hand, I am 75 days away from my little brother's wedding!!!  GAH!!!  So excited and happy for him and his fiance but as the unofficial wedding planner/graphic designer/decorator/overall-sanity-keeper, there are more than a few things that needing doing ASAP. So you, my dear friends, will be hearing about it because there are so many awesome things available out there for the beach/travel theme wedding they are planning that I will probably be sharing the overflow of ideas with all of you here.  So for now, here are a few things that I am loving that will hopefully fit with their idea of the perfect wedding!  (Gotta love Pinterest, Etsy, and assorted crafty places!)

via pinterest
via pinterest
via pinterest

Stay tuned for more tidbits and sneak peeks into what I am doing for the next three months.  =)

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Milestones and motherhood

My baby is 4 months old today.  I can barely believe that it has been that long already...or that short.  Depends on how you want to look at it - and even if you aren't a parent, you probably know the feeling.  But for some reason, with my little one's four month milestone today, I am feeling reflective and slightly introspective as I look back on four months that have been some of the most blest.

For those of you who know me, I like sleep.  I LOVE sleep.  There is nothing I love more than a warm bed, comfy blanket, and a nap (or good night's sleep or anything that involves me closing my eyes).  But having a baby changed that at first.  I wasn't going to be able to do that.  But you know what, I didn't mind.  Admittedly, only being able to nap for the first couple of weeks wasn't pretty.  But life changes and babies inevitably grow.  Now my baby sleeps 10 to twelve hours a night and I feel great.

But it is that little bit about inevitably growing that is sometimes the best and hardest part about my time as a parent thus far.  It is amazing watching him grow.  I love it - Corby and I often comment on how amazing it is that he is already developing so many skills and is so expressive.  But another part of me wants to be able to hold on to these baby moments forever.  I love the feeling of holding my child and feeling his head slowly get heavy as he falls asleep in my arms.  Or listening to his little attempts at talking and watching the spit bubbles come instead.  =P  (you have no idea how cute and gross it can be sometimes)

Anyway - the point is that I am realizing a greater lesson about myself.  I never realized before how discontent I was with so many things until I realized that I was already wishing for a stage other than the one my baby is currently in.  And as I thought about it a little bit more, I realized that I had that attitude through many other things.  Paul in Philippians talks about being content in all situations, whether full or hungry, when succeeding or failing.  Now Paul's situation at that point is a bit different than mine but I realized that I need to change my attitude.  God has blessed me with a family, home, and work for my husband and myself - all good and perfect gifts from above.  Instead of being thankful and drinking in every single moment, I get stuck in ruts and moan and groan over what is not to my liking.  Thank God for His patience with my discontentedness.

So to any new mommies out there (or anyone else who finds themselves a little discontented with where you are currently in life - you just might have to adjust the analogy a little bit), know that the sleepless nights will not last forever nor will your baby always be this small.  Treasure the moments you have and know that whether easy or hard, there are things you will never get back again and enjoy what you have been given.

Happy 4 month birthday, my baby.  Your mom and dad love you and wouldn't change anything. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

its still all about the little things

I thought I'd link up today as a celebration of my attempts at getting back into regular blogging!  For those of you who didn't know, right after Christmas I got to go back to Hawaii for 10 glorious days of warmth, humidity, and people I haven't seen in a long time.  So this post is going back from the past two weeks but  I have to share some of these sweet moments that I've had and have been enjoying and remembering and reliving.

Aisle to Aloha

1) Hawaii
And the camera isn't really doing anything to how blue the sky was this day.  This is the view from my parents was lovely.
 2) Baby
Grandma got him a super cool Hawaii shirt!
Let's just say that Grandma and Aunty Judy had a lot of fun shopping before we came to visit.  This hat was also among the things waiting for us when we got there.  =)
 3) Friends
Me and Hannah (one of my oldest friends) and our babies who are just over a month apart.  Mommies were ready for the picture....babies don't seem to care.  =)
and I got to meet the beautiful Lindsay in person!!!  if you didn't know, she's the gal who hosts this link-up party every week! go and say hi!
It has been amazing...Hawaii, friends, wonderful is good, God is gracious, and you will be hearing more from me soon.  =)

Have a beautiful day!
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