Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today, I cried.

I don't remember crying on September 11, 2001.  My 15 year old mind understood that something horrific had happened.  But now my mother of two mind understands something so much greater.

The world is different.

And I cry.

We now live in a world that is full of this out-in-the-open and hidden-at-the-same-time fear called terrorism.

We live in a world where we wait with bated breath as friends with spouses and siblings and children in the armed services return from still hazardous tours of duty in far off places.  We live in a world where our children were not alive that day and need to be taught about these things.  We live in a world where we can start again to teach our children to love, always love.

Today, I praised.

I saw pictures on Facebook of another army soldier husband who returned safe to the arms of his wife and family.  I prayed thanks with a heart ready to burst that my brother made it back from his tour in Afghanistan safely.  I mourned again reading about families broken, security shattered, and hearts crushed by the hate of a few people that day years ago.

This different world also brings opportunities to us to do right and good.  Soldiers are getting help for PTSD, organizations are freeing the oppressed around the world, and we continue to find ways to sustain the earth's population more and more efficiently.

Today, I prayed.

The world is different but the prayer is the same.  Patience, humility, and love are never outdated, never unwanted.  As a mother of two, I strive, struggle, every day to try and point my children's eyes to the Savior who did everything for them, for mom and dad, for the whole world.  The whole world doesn't see it.  But that doesn't change the free offer of salvation and love - it will always be there.  And Christ draws us to Himself.

So I will continue.  Crying, praising, praying.  In full confidence of a future shaped and ordained by my Maker and Redeemer.

There are far better things ahead 
than any we leave behind.
~C.S. Lewis


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