Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a year in review

I was thinking about this post today and what I would say when it got to be the end of one year and the start of a new one.  And nothing seemed to really come to me.

This past year was so full.  New member of the family, baby sister graduating from high school, brother-in-law got married (read: another girl in the family which is good with all the boys on that side), rebranded my jewelry business, and am still trying to get laundry done.  =P

There were bad days this year - tired momma days.  But mixed in that were also sweet days.  Days of laughing babies, sweet friendships, family time in California and Hawaii.  It was a lot of different things...

I don't know how to say exactly what I am feeling.  But 2013 was a learning year for me.  So for 2014, I hope to be able to be more aware of things.  More aware of how I spend my time, be able to appreciate the good and bad days with the kids, to be able to focus my energy with my business, and most of all, to glorify my Lord and Savior

But for now, I am going to go keep working on that laundry.  =)

Have a beautiful day and a very Happy New Year!


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