Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Pinterest :: Redux 2014

Last year I started a journey that I called "Project Pinterest" in which I wanted to do one Pinterest project a month.  I felt it was important to approach this media as a friend and inspiration versus a measuring stick and a critic.  And I wanted to share this perspective with others - hence my attempt at a year of Pinterest projects that have been tested and tried.

Well...that did not go quite as well as expected.  While I did end up doing several projects, the arrival of a new baby, siblings graduating from high school, getting married, and returning from war put some of those things on hold.  But it is a new year and I am getting the creative itch again.

But this time, I wanted to invite you to join me!  If you have done a Pinterest project that you really enjoyed, blog it and you will have an opportunity to link up with me at the end of each month this year.  If you want to see some of the things that I did last year, here is the link to my Pinterest board where I am storing all of my finished projects.

I hope you will join me!  Now to decide what to do of these maybe?  Any suggestions?

Classy necklace?
super cute skirt now that I have a sewing machine?
Hmm...well, you will know one way or another by the end of the month.  =)  Have a beautiful day!


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