Wednesday, July 27, 2011

getting ready for baby, part 1

As most of you know, I'm pregnant.  =)  I had an ultrasound recently and it is AMAZING to see what God has created swimming around inside of me.  Seeing as how this is also hubby's and my first kiddo, it has been a little trippy adjusting to the idea of another little human being living inside of me for 9 months.  But this child is "fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are Your works, this my soul knows very well." (Psalm 139.14)

But there are a lot of practical things that I'm working on getting ready for - like baby clothes, diapers, clearing out room for baby furniture to go, etc.  One thing I have mentally made up in my mind to do is not carry a separate purse with my baby/diaper bag but rather look for little accessories to put inside of it and pull out when I need just that.  So you, my dear readers, get to help me shop for clutches and pouches and wristlets that will fit in my baby bag.  =)

In case you hadn't noticed, I have a thing for peacock feathers...

Really loving this color scheme!
Love the lace!!!
So now I wait to hear from all of you.  If you have any other suggestions, please send them my way!  I would love to see more styles!

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

make it better Monday

I had another full but absolutely lovely week and weekend but this week, instead of my usual list, I am just going to share a few pictures from my first baby shower.  The ladies from my church here in Cali and a few other friends and family teamed up to give me a lovely morning.  It definitely has a smile on my face all week - especially with all the work that my good friend Kristin did to give me a Hawaiian beach shower!

these are my Hawaiian themed cupcakes, aren't they adorable!? 
and one of the gals got me this cake pop centerpiece!
her mother-in-law made it and decorated all of these individual pops (which were so yummy!)
they even put beach balls in the swimming pool!  it was sooo cute! 
aren't the centerpieces beautiful?!  complete with Hawaiian rubber duckies.  =) 
and Kristin used beach towels for table runners - so creative!!!
this is the beautiful Kristin who organized it all - visit her at her blog! 
this is Kristin and her helper and my other good friend Jen - I  have the greatest friends!
Have a beautiful week, everyone!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a relaxing Thursday

I got a mani/pedi today and it was amazing.  =)  Duh, I know.  You're thinking, "Good grief, Aime, how behind on the womanly times are you?"  Well, I can honestly say I have only had a handful of spa pedicures in my lifetime...mostly because as much as I love getting them, they are a treat for me.  So when my mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate for Christmas, I knew it was going to be a special occasion when I did finally get it.  And it was.  It was relaxing and lovely.  The girl who did my toes is amazing!!!  Look at the artwork she put on my feet.
(sorry the pic is a little awkward but at least you can see the beee-you-ti-ful flower that she put on my toe.  it made me very happy.  teehee.)
So I had a lovely time meeting with a girl friend for coffee this morning and a relaxing, luxurious pedicure this afternoon.  And now I smile this huge smile every time I look at my feet.  They're soooo pretty!  Alright.  I'm done gushing...


All the ladies at the spa (most of whom were Vietnamese) think that I am going to have a boy.  What do you think?!  This picture is from this past Sunday.  The older ladies all said my belly was shaped like it was a boy.  And I am inclined to believe these ladies.  They usually know what they're talking about.
I'm 33 weeks right now to give you an idea.
What do you think?!  I really don't care which it is but these ladies are making me wonder.  =)

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

make it better Monday!

I'm so sorry, folks, that I missed last week's make it better Monday but I hope that this week will make up for it.  =)  The last few weeks have been pretty crazy but here are a few things that have gotten me going.  Hope you like it!

1) Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
I would love to travel more but finances and life situation do not always allow for the largest expeditions at this point in time.  So I satisfy my cravings by watching Travel Channel shows when I get the chance.  My current fixation is Anthony Bourdain.  I am working on getting my hands on his books and loving his tv show in the mean time.  If you haven't watched it, you should.  I think you would like it.
courtesy of: Travel Channel
2) juice boxes
I love these things.  Small, refreshing, and make me feel like a kid again.  =)  What more do I need to say?
3) Etsy's "You Might Like" section
If you have never explored this section, you definitely should!  It takes whatever items and shops you have liked in the past and complies additional items as well as keeping you up to date with what your old faves have added to their shops in the meantime.  And I stumbled across this adorable little pillow!
is this not the cutest pillow you have ever seen?!?!  I love that Etsy learns what I like and shows it to me on their homepage.  definitely loving this item.  =)
Hope you all have a great week after your fantastic Monday!  =)  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

make it better Monday!

This post is a day late because of the fourth of July! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed times with family and friends. But I thought I would still share my make it better Monday thoughts with you on Tuesday. :)

1) weddings - one of my dear dear friends got married today!  I had the pleasure of making her bridesmaids jewelry and hair pieces.  I will have pictures for you very soon.  =)
2) little things - we had a lovely Fourth of July weekend in the mountains spending a little time with family and when we got home, one of my in-laws cats decided we had been gone too long.  =)
this is Amber.  She voluntarily jumped in my lap even though she usually isn't a people person.  
3) amazing bakeries - one of the highlights of our time in Big Bear is this little bakery: Sugar Pine Bake Shop.  I don't have pictures of everything we ate from there because all the cookies, bars, and bread disappeared really quickly.  =)
this gives you a good idea of the amazing things they make.  that m&m cookie is heavenly.  it would be well worth your trip to Big Bear only for that one thing.  =)
Have a beautiful week!
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